Look Who Stopped By!

May 15, 2014

Today local musician Gorden James stopped by the Grill to grab some grub, and hang out with Chef Travis and the team.

For those of you don't know who Gorden is, check out this snippet below

Gorden James has made quite the name for himself, both as an artist and as an all around great guy.James was recently featured on CMT Canada’s, Big in a Small Town, as one of thirty artists selected across Canada to participate.

"They emailed me and asked me to audition," said James from his Kelowna home. "They picked 30 artists from across Canada, two of them from BC. It was a really cool experience. All the staff and crew treated us like gold.

It gave my album, Heart of the Matter, great exposure."James, who won a song writing competition in 2002 sponsored by Factor, CMT, and Country radio across the nation, released four singles last year.

To learn more about Gorden, and check out some of his music, check out his website at